Ronda, the dreamed city

Ronda, the dreamed city

Ronda is a magical, incomparable and unforgettable city. We need to know how to appreciate everything that surrounds this city, because there are not many places in the world that could be compared with the historical, the artistic and the natural wealth of Ronda.

Ronda has preserved intact by a supernatural way all the essence of what was once in the past. If you don’t believe that you can travel back in the time, it’s because you’ve never been in Ronda yet. Some celebrities like Orson Welles or Michelle Obama, have already admired the beauty of Ronda.

Located on the interior of the Málaga province, and surrounded by idyllic views and landscapes, Ronda is a complete destination that offer us history, nature and folklore.

But for sure, you are wondering what are you going to find in your visit to Ronda. So pay attention, because we are going to give you all the information you need.

What to visit in Ronda

The first thing you must do on your trip to this beautiful town is visit the New Bridge. This is situated on the Tajo de Ronda, and is linking the two sides of an amazing steep gorge. All the houses in this area are hanging, peeping out on the ravine, wich has more than 120 meters high. If you like photography, we’re going to give you a tip: the best postcard of the bridge is to see it from below.

Another highlight of Ronda is the Bullring of the Real Maestranza. This is considered the oldest building for modern bullfighting. Inside, you can also find a very curious museum in honor to the mosts importants bullfighting families of Ronda: the Romeros and the Ordóñez.

Something important about ronda is its arab heritage. An example of this period is the Moor King’s Palace or the arab baths, considered one of the best preserved of Spain. Moreover, related to this Arab past, we find one of the most mysterious places in Ronda: La Mina. It consist in an Islamic complex that is descended by a staircase of more than 200 steps. In its interior you will also find intiguing galleries.

Explore the historic center through its churches such as Santa María la Mayor or the Palace of Mondragón, where is located the municipal archaeological museum. In it you can find important examples of Roman and Arab tombs.

Near Ronda you can also find the Reservatauro, a biosphere reserve surrounded by the Sierra de las Nieves. The brave bull here is selected by man for his character. The bulls live in great conditions, and reproducing naturally. When the cows can no longer reproduce, they do not sacrifice them, they prefer to keep the calves. Seeing is believing.

Finally, we must mention the gastronomy and the night walks around Ronda, for sure, an unforgettable experience. So go ahead and do not miss the opportunity to visit Ronda, the dreamed city.

Open in the Costa del Sol the first hotel exclusive for LGTBI clients

Open in the Costa del Sol the first hotel exclusive for LGTBI clients

On the occasion of the LGTBI Pride Week, the first hotel exclusive for the clients who belong to this collective has been open in Torremolinos. This way, the city placed in Costa del Sol continues to consolidate as one of the main gay-friendly destinies in Europe.
The Hotel Ritual will have numerous luxury facilities among which outstands a nude zone in the ninth floor with a pool named infinity, which produces the optical impression that the water extends to the horizon. There will also be gym, spa, and the possibility to host the guests’ pets.
Art Fair Malaga’17, the art’s commercial centre

Art Fair Malaga’17, the art’s commercial centre

Malaga is a city with a lot of art, and especially with contemporary art, as shown by the wide variety of spaces dedicated to this discipline, among which the CAC, the Center Pompidou Málaga, as well as the SOHO, neighborhood of the Arts.
From Málaga to Pie we offer you a great plan for art lovers who are lucky enough to be this weekend in our city. This is Art Fair Málaga’17, the second largest contemporary art fair in Spain, which will take place in the Palace of Fairs and Congresses.

Art Fair Malaga’17 is intended to encourage the purchase of works of contemporary art so the entry will be free, in addition to giving visibility to the 500 artists and 40 galleries that will meet at the Fair.

Art Fair Málaga: the art shopping center

Malaga, fifth cruise destiny in Spain

Malaga, fifth cruise destiny in Spain

The city of Malaga has been placed as the fifth national destination for cruise passengers, which has meant that 106,035 people enjoy their short stay in our city.

Our cruise terminal was chosen by the world’s largest ships: the Harmony of the Seas, the Allure of the Seas and the Oasis of the Seas, in which a total of 6,300 passengers and 2,394 crew members were traveling.

Málaga is the fifth national destination of cruise passengers in the first quarter of the year

Picasso’s Las tres Gracias

Picasso’s Las tres Gracias

The Picasso Museum in Malaga starts an interesting stage in March 2017. From this date, the rooms that house the permanent collection are renewed, presenting a chronological and thematic criterion that will allow us to better understand the essence of the Malaga genius. In the new collection, very little known works are exhibited, some even unpublished.

For visitors this will be an excellent opportunity to discover the keys of the artist throughout his career. The museum shows the beginning of the painter in La Coruña and Barcelona, ​​before his influential period in Paris. These years of intense creation gave way to their unique portraits and the rediscovery of classical art.
The Three Graces

One of the jewels of the new collection is precisely from this stage: The Three Graces. This splendid canvas of 1923 is formed as one of the most curious works that the public can admire.

The representation of The Three Graces goes back to Ancient Greece and Rome. In the plastic representations they are generally shown as young and beautiful female figures, who appear dancing and having fun.

In the case of Picasso, the public will find a brilliant interpretation of this concept. In fact, this work moves away from the strident brushstrokes of the author. The visitor will find in this way a canvas of great format and firm strokes at the same time delicate, in which the figures are accentuated by the emptiness of the background and the prominence of the light thanks to a masterful combination of light and dark.

If you are also interested in visiting the museum in its entirety, Málaga a Pie has a tour that visits the interior of the complex. Just go to this information page to book by phone.

Picasso Musseum Málaga

Picasso Musseum Málaga

Nowaday, one of the most interesting museums of Andalucía is located in the beautiful city of Malaga. Without a doubt, we are speaking about the Picasso Museum. This museum was born by the desire of the one considered as one of the most influential artists of the 20th century, Picasso. He wanted to have an exhibition space in his hometown, so his family, after his death, decided to make his dream come true.

About the Picasso Musseum

The museum was inaugurated in 2003, and is located in the Buenavista Palace. This palace is a Renaissance design building, built on the 16th century, and has been declared of cultural interest in 1939. Two of the highlights of it, are the courtyard that you are going to find on its interior, and the amazing wood roofs.

In addition, the museum offer to the visitor the chance to visit the basement. On the building basement they have found, relatively recently, interesting Phoenician and Roman remains. The visit to the archeological remains is included on the Price of the ticket of the museum.

Back to the museum, on it we can find 233 artworks made during the eight decades of live of the brilliant painter. But we can also find on the museum some of the ceramic works, or the esculptures of Picasso. We must not forget the versatility of the artist during all his live. Everything he did, no matter the material, no matter the discipline, he converted it on an artwork.

Puerta Museo Picasso

What will you visit

Everything on the museum is organised by a chronological order, so it’s really easy to realise all the different things the painter could do on a same period.

Finally, the museum offer diferents and interestings temporaries exhibitions. So you are not only visiting the Picasso Museum, you are visiting 4 cultural places at the same time. The Picasso Museumthe Palacethe archeological remains and the temporary exhibition. Don’t let them pass by!