[wprevpro_usetemplate tid=’1′]What is a Free Walking Tour?

Travelling is an activity that everybody loves. Normally, when we visit a city we take the traditional guides in paper or an app in our Smartphones. These methods are useful but they offer very standardized tours, nothing new.

malaga-a-pie-logoAnother alternative to consider is the guided tour which offer us a different way to discover a city, emphasizing history, anecdotes, curiosities and all the charming places. Though these tours are not very expensive is a cost to consider in our budget.

Lately, a new concept of guided tours have arisen. They are called Free Walking Tours which is a fresh way to discover a city at a very reasonable price.

[wprevpro_usetemplate tid=’1′][wprevpro_usetemplate tid=’1′]The Free Walking Tour is a new concept which provides a high-quality service, discovering the most important places in the city.

Thanks to these kind of tours, everybody has the opportunity to learn more about a city, regardless of the budget.

How a Free Walking Tour works?

The Free Walking Tour has a tip-based, so you can pay whatever you want when the tour finish. It depends on your satisfaction during the tour.

Málaga a Pie offers one of the most complete Free Walking Tour in the city, so it’s essential to do this tour to discover Málaga city properly.

Monumental Free Walking Tour

If you are in Málaga now or you are planning to visit the city, the best option to discover the most emblematic places in the city is, with no doubt the Monumental Free Walking Tour.

Visit Málaga with very knowledgeable guides who take you to the most charming places while you learn more about one of the oldest cites in Europe.

Through our itinerary, we will visit the most emblematic streets and the most remarkable monuments in Málaga such as the Cathedral, the Roman Theatre, the Alcazaba and so on. Live a unique experience!

Our official tour guides will tell you about history, anecdotes, traditions, museums and more. As all our tour guides are local, they know deeply the city and they will show you all the things you are not going to find in regular guides, that is, the authentic city.

Come and book now your Free Walking Tour!

Málaga a Pie

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