Nowaday, one of the most interesting museums of Andalucía is located in the beautiful city of Malaga. Without a doubt, we are speaking about the Picasso Museum. This museum was born by the desire of the one considered as one of the most influential artists of the 20th century, Picasso. He wanted to have an exhibition space in his hometown, so his family, after his death, decided to make his dream come true.

About the Picasso Musseum

The museum was inaugurated in 2003, and is located in the Buenavista Palace. This palace is a Renaissance design building, built on the 16th century, and has been declared of cultural interest in 1939. Two of the highlights of it, are the courtyard that you are going to find on its interior, and the amazing wood roofs.

In addition, the museum offer to the visitor the chance to visit the basement. On the building basement they have found, relatively recently, interesting Phoenician and Roman remains. The visit to the archeological remains is included on the Price of the ticket of the museum.

Back to the museum, on it we can find 233 artworks made during the eight decades of live of the brilliant painter. But we can also find on the museum some of the ceramic works, or the esculptures of Picasso. We must not forget the versatility of the artist during all his live. Everything he did, no matter the material, no matter the discipline, he converted it on an artwork.

Puerta Museo Picasso

What will you visit

Everything on the museum is organised by a chronological order, so it’s really easy to realise all the different things the painter could do on a same period.

Finally, the museum offer diferents and interestings temporaries exhibitions. So you are not only visiting the Picasso Museum, you are visiting 4 cultural places at the same time. The Picasso Museumthe Palacethe archeological remains and the temporary exhibition. Don’t let them pass by!

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