The Picasso Museum in Malaga starts an interesting stage in March 2017. From this date, the rooms that house the permanent collection are renewed, presenting a chronological and thematic criterion that will allow us to better understand the essence of the Malaga genius. In the new collection, very little known works are exhibited, some even unpublished.

For visitors this will be an excellent opportunity to discover the keys of the artist throughout his career. The museum shows the beginning of the painter in La Coruña and Barcelona, ​​before his influential period in Paris. These years of intense creation gave way to their unique portraits and the rediscovery of classical art.
The Three Graces

One of the jewels of the new collection is precisely from this stage: The Three Graces. This splendid canvas of 1923 is formed as one of the most curious works that the public can admire.

The representation of The Three Graces goes back to Ancient Greece and Rome. In the plastic representations they are generally shown as young and beautiful female figures, who appear dancing and having fun.

In the case of Picasso, the public will find a brilliant interpretation of this concept. In fact, this work moves away from the strident brushstrokes of the author. The visitor will find in this way a canvas of great format and firm strokes at the same time delicate, in which the figures are accentuated by the emptiness of the background and the prominence of the light thanks to a masterful combination of light and dark.

If you are also interested in visiting the museum in its entirety, Málaga a Pie has a tour that visits the interior of the complex. Just go to this information page to book by phone.

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