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The city of Malaga is currently living a sweet moment concerning the tourism, as it is a very visited place. Travellers choose it as tourist destination since it is a very attractive place, a very complete city with a big potential to make different activities. The climate is excellent, very nice during the whole the year, a little bit warmer in summer, which makes it very attractive for those visitors who come from colder places looking for a hotter climate. Malaga has a kind of tourism that pleases everyone. We could talk about sun and beach tourism, which has always been the most traditional in the region; cultural tourism, with visits to the most emblematic, historical monuments and buildings; leisure and entertainment tourism, with different activities; and, lastly, at its peak, the gastronomic tourism, with the well-known tapas tour in Malaga, where the visitors taste the most typical meals from the cuisine of Malaga.

Malaga is a city that receives visitors during the whole year, since the tourists, nowadays, seek something else than sun and beach tourism, and the visits are not only focused in summer. The high season normally coincides with spring and summer seasons, but we can affirm that the visits are constant during all the year. A very good month to travel to Malaga is November, because it is a calmer month when it comes to tourists influx, so the travellers usually choose this month to spend some rest days, taking benefit from the low people influx and very interesting prices. All those travellers who wish to have a cultural visit and do gastronomic tourism can benefit from this situation. Malaga has been cradle of several ancient civilizations, and this means that the city has a combination of different cultural elements, something that makes its culture unique, mixed, and millenary. Walking around the old city centre means to find representative elements from different cultures, perfectly integrated, getting a complete harmony.

If you want to have a tapas tour in Malaga, in order to taste the most characteristic products, the best you can do is to address professionals of the tourism sector who offer a tour through the city to taste the most typical meals. The cuisine from Malaga is characterized by using products from the healthy and well-known Mediterranean diet, served in a wide selection of tapas. The city has a large variety of restaurants and catering establishments that serve the typical tapas Malaga, and where the visitor will enjoy the best products and flavours. This tapas tour is very appreciated by the foreigners, since they can taste unknown products, and it is a true experience for the senses. Tourists love to have this tour, so that they can participate actively, making it funny and interesting.

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Nothing better than choosing a city like Malaga to spend some nice rest days doing what you like most. Doing cultural and gastronomic tourism is an excellent option if you want to know the roots of the city. In Málaga a Pie, we offer different tours, so the travellers can choose the most appropriate for their tastes and preferences and the availability of time. We are a group of official tour guides, passionate about our profession and we truly enjoy interacting with the visitors. We have a wide knowledge of the cultural and historical heritage, and we love to show it to the foreigner. We have different guided tours, made by ourselves to satisfy every kind of traveller. One of the favourite tour of the tourists is the tapas tour in Malaga, where the traveller can taste the best dishes in restaurants selected by us for their excellent service and good products, the most genuine gastronomy from Malaga. You can’t visit the province without tasting the most typical dishes, like the pescaíto frito, the broad beans Ronda style, the ajoblanco, the rabo de toro –oxtail-, the porra antequerana, the aceituna aloreña, the only one with Designation of Origin, the torta de algarrobo, etc. not forgetting to taste the famous espetos de sardinas, served in chiringuitos, at the beach, a true experience for the palate. Sweet wines are also very characteristic from the region, whose elaboration has a large tradition, producing a wine known as Málaga Virgen, with Designation of Origin.

We also advise the visitors about the supply of leisure activities in the city, so that they can enjoy the most suitable to their personal tastes. We always provide personalized attention, so the traveller receives a quality service from us, since not all the tourists are interested in the same tour or activities, according to whether they travel in family with kids, as a couple or they are spending some days off with a group of friends. Our main goal is to offer to the visitor a quality but also pleasant tourism, seeking to satisfy all your specific needs and intending to make you have your best holidays ever. We are flexible when it comes to schedule, and we work with small and large groups. We also organise private custom-fitted visits.

Do not hesitate to contact us by telephone (+34) 645 641 541 if you want to book or to ask us anything. You can also contact us by email ( if you need any consultation or you are looking for an official tour guide. We will be pleased to show you the beautiful city of Malaga.